Monday, June 2, 2008

contest -- lifetime's future frontrunners

The other day I was watching Lifetime and I saw that they have a contest where you can win a trip to the Democratic National Convention or the Republican National Convention. I decided today to look at the details, thinking that I should enter. The rules are simple, either make a 1 minute video about what you would do if you were elected president or write an essay about the same thing. It didn't seem that difficult for the prize at hand. Well lucky for me I decided to look at the eligibility requirements. You may enter if you are a legal resident of the United States, except for those living in Hawaii, Alaska, or DC. Seriously?! Last I checked those are all part of the United States. There is really something wrong with that. Everywhere I look on their website there are links for registering to vote. But I think that if you are trying to get people to vote and are trying to get people to participate in the two big parties, you shouldn't be excluding people who may know a lot about the topic at hand as well as those that are truly passionate about it. The contest is supposed to also be able getting girls to speak out and get involved in politics, so they shouldn't be squashing dreams.


Catie said...

I entered this contest and won a trip to the RNC. i live in the Twin cities and I think I got picked because of that

j3kwan said...

that doesn't make sense...