Wednesday, November 28, 2007

politics -- CNN/Youtube republican debate

I'm not really one to side with the Republicans, but I'm not sure that I side with the Democrats right about now either. This afternoon I watched the CNN/Youtube Republican Debate. It was mostly because Anderson Cooper was the moderator and who wouldn't want to see 3 hours of him.

Since the public sent in their own questions there were bound to be some good ones and the crew did a great job at picking them out. I'll admit that I didn't pay much attention throughout the debate at first because I was reading the newspaper and eating ice cream, but after all that I payed full attention. One question caught my eye.

Blogger's not cooperating with me so I can't upload the video but click here to watch it.

Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Keith Kerr is openly gay. He was in the Army for 43 years and after retiring he came out. His question was professionalism of homosexuals in the military.

None of the candidates answered the question which annoys me a bit, but I know that happens a lot in debates. Congressman Hunter said that majority of people in the are of conservative values and views, so gays and lesbians go against go against their principles. And that's apparently why they shouldn't be allowed in the military.

I liked when Anderson asked Brig. Gen. Kerr if the candidates answered his question and he said no. I think he had a lot of good points to make, one being that 2 people are discharged everyday not because of misconduct but because they are gay. These are the "doctors, nurses, pilots, surgeons" that are let go just because of their life choices.

All the conservatives think there should be no gays in the military, or for that matter none at all, but you can't just weed them out. If they hide it no one would know and they could life the same life as someone who is straight.

Maybe I'm just open-minded, but I don't see the problem. No matter what your profession there are going to be some people who and homosexual and some that are not. And, no matter what your profession is there are going to be people who are professional and not. Your sexuality doesn't determine your professionalism and just because some conservatives in the military are against that sort of thing doesn't mean that gays and lesbians should be cut from service all together. Like I said, some are going to be unprofessional but many of them are going to be just like everyone else. If you're going to discharge people it should be for things like misconduct, not just because you disagree with their lifestyles.

On another note, abortion was bound to come up between these pro-life men. Yes, abortion is bad, but I think there are some circumstances where it is okay. Actually I came up with a whole plan about it.

If you're going out and sleeping with every guys you know, abortion shouldn't be allowed, but in the case of rape victims it should. To be sure that the girl is really a rape victim and not someone who is just abusing the option of having an abortion police reports would need to be made. Then you can have the abortion and more of the unreported sexual crimes would be reported. But if you wait till the abortion would be considered partial-birth or late-term then the option should not be given. I know there are a lot of flaws in my plan but at least I answered the question unlike many of the candidates, especially Gov. Romney who seemed to avoid answering just about every question.

If you want to watch the entire debate or the catchy little jingle about it, click on the picture at the top of the post.

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Tanabe said...

This is why I hate politics... I definitely know how important it is, but politicians never fail to annoy me like this! I wish they were open-minded instead, but not self-contradictory. Which I think might be impossible... Sigh.

When the candidates don't answer the question I wonder if it defeats the purpose of such a great idea like this debate. The concept is really brilliant, but if questions aren't being answered, it only reduces faith in the candidates to produce a valid opinion.

Or so I think. Comment too long, I'm sorry!