Wednesday, November 28, 2007

safe -- toy recalls

safe ['sāf] - adj
free from harm or risk (m-w)

With all the recalls of products from China lately, many are steering towards U.S. made toys. Is that really safer though?

Majority of the toys in America are from China, so it'll prove to be a challenge this holiday season. An article by Jayne O'Donnel and Mindy Fetterman of USA Today think otherwise. The article is full of statistics which I'm picking a few and writing them below for you.

-80% of toys sold in the United States are imported from China.

-Most recalls are due to design problems and not manufacturing problems.

-In 2006, CPSC said that there were 40 recalls for toys made in the U.S.

-In the same study it was found that 70% of recalls were for toys made in China.

-From October 1, 2006 until this past week, recalls for toys made in China have jumped to 88%.

Toys made anywhere in the world are bound to have recalls at some point. Perhaps if the United States checked the toys that came into the country things would be different. But, the U.S. does nothing of the sort. Now, many are turning to toys that are made in America. If they are indeed safer, toys made here don't necessarily grab the attention of kids compared to toys that are made elsewhere. Most of the toys made here are simple like "blocks or puzzles." Most parents don't want to take a risk, so perhaps kids wont be as entertained this Christmas...?

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Tanabe said...

Somehow I don't think making all our toys here in America would work. Too expensive; no such cheap labor here. Nope, we've got good laws like that.