Friday, November 23, 2007

suicide -- rat poison

su·i·cide [so’o i sid] - n
killing yourself: the act of deliberately killing yourself

The Shanghai Daily newspaper reported last Sunday that six people died after a dumpling soup accident. Chen Ruyan who worked at a recycling station in Hubei and also sold rat poison was preparing lunch on afternoon. The paper reported “Chen found the rice dough he was preparing for making rice dumplings was quite watery and he decided to add more rice flour.

Unfortunately, he mistook rat poison that had been placed together with other condiments as flour and mixed it into the dough.” Investigators said that Ruyan had put the rat poison in his kitchen upon coming home.

And all this while “China is in the middle of a nationwide campaign to improve food and product safety after a string of international scares that have tainted its export reputation,” as reported by Sky News.

Yes, I know that this isn’t really suicide since it as far as we know, it wasn't intentional. But, I couldn't think of any other real word to use since I know it's not murder. Regardless, I think we all need to either not keep the chemicals in the kitchen or put them away and make sure that we don't just leave them on the counter next to the food. I think this is a goodlife lesson.

Read labels, please.

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Tanabe said...

Er... deifinitely one of the few times I've heard of an accidental suicide. Wow. That's amazing in all the worst ways. I think we can all learn from his example.