Tuesday, January 22, 2008

love -- i hate the word but this is so cute

Generally I don't talk about love and all that because I've got some strange fear of things starting with the letter ''L" and love is one of those words. But, I found these two stories and I couldn't resist, it's just so cute. First some facts that I found on the Lancashire Evening Post website.

Some facts about marriage proposals:
* 54% of men still get down on one knee
* 44% of men ask their partner's father for permission to marry
* 57% of men cry when she said yes
* 65% of women say he could have put more effort and preparation into the proposal
* 25% of couples wait longer than five years before taking their relationship that step further
* 23% of women have been proposed to more than once
* 69% of women thought the timing of the proposal in their relationship was perfect

And next the story of a couple who have been together for 50 years.

Lawrence and Lena Nelson were married on November 23, 1957 when interracial marriages were still out of the question. But, that didn't stop them, they were in love. Because their relationship was essentially illegal the couple had to practically hide and do whatever they could so that others wouldn't be suspicious. When they finally got engaged Lawrence's parents were thrilled, they loved Lena. On the other hand, Lena's parents were, well the opposite. Lena's father told her that if she married Lawrence she "didn't need to come home anymore." Eventually Lena's mother approved of the couple and now 50 years later they are still in love.

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Tanabe said...

Huh, only 54% get down on one knee? Heh, I'd totally do that, 100% guaranteed! Those facts are pretty touching too though.

Lawrence and Lena in love? Haha it plays into your fears huh? But seriously, that's a true picture of love right there... Impressive to the max.