Sunday, January 13, 2008

maternity leave -- for teens?

Earlier this week there was a story on Prime News about public schools considering giving 4 weeks of maternity leave to pregnant teens. My views on this differ from what Erica Hill and correspondent Mike Galanos, but are somewhat along the lines of Janice Crouse of the Concerned Women for America.

Stating the statistics that only 1/3 of teen mothers make it through high school and that only 1.5% of them graduate college, Galanos thinks that it's a good idea. He also felt that it's a good idea because bonding time between the mother and child is awfully important. Hill also thinks that it is and stated that employers by law must give at least 6 weeks of leave, in some cases you can get up to 12 weeks.

Their guess, Janice Crouse feels that bonding time is important, but giving maternity leave doesn't send the right message to the teen mothers peers. According to her, others in the school may see the pregnant teen or the child and think "cute." By seeing it as cute, they may want to do the same.

To me, bonding time is important though I can't say to the extent like Erica Hill can. But, I don't think that high school student should be allowed to have maternity leave. Crouse thought about it being "cute", I don't agree with that. I don't think I've ever thought a pregnant woman was cute, and babies are okay but sometimes they look...well cute wouldn't describe it. In my opinion maternity leave shouldn't be given because it makes it almost okay to be pregnant at a young age. It'll tell students that if they're pregnant they'll essentially get a break. I know it's not exactly that, but it doesn't deter them in any way from having kids. And on the topic of people in the work force getting maternity leave. Generally, those folks have been around this planet long enough that they are aware of the consequences of their actions and are more likely to be planning to have children. They have gotten their education and have jobs so they hopefully can support their child.

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Tanabe said...

Yeah having the maternity leave would probably not stem the number of pregnant teens these days. I still think that lots more teens today are aware of what being pregnant means, and probably don't want it either. Even so, it seems like unprotected sex is still a problem.

Besides, how would the pregnant teen manage to keep up in school and graduate if she had maternity leave? I don't think it was a very well thought out plan on Galanos' part.