Tuesday, January 8, 2008

politics -- NH primaries

I had intended to write about the outcome of the New Hampshire primaries tomorrow morning when I got up, but I find myself writing now. Not all the votes are in yet, at this moment only 95% are, but it is projected by many sources that Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain will get NH. Of all the polls that I saw this morning, they were right about McCain, but not Clinton. It was thought that Obama would end up beating her, again.

I'd rather not saw who exactly I'd like to win the nomination, but I guess that means I can say who I wish wouldn't. I've never been a fan of Sen. Clinton and after tonight I'm even less of a fan tonight. I'm sure it was hard for Obama to have to make a speech congratulating Clinton after he was expected to win, by a lot. But, Sen. Obama did sounding quite sincere, he even told all of his supporters to give a round of applause to the former First Lady. Now, it is reported that Clinton's supporters booed Obama during his speech. Maybe I'm just extremely polite, which I highly doubt, but after your political nemesis congratulates you, it doesn't seem appropriate to boo them. Even though it was her supporters and not Clinton herself that did the booing they're linked to her.

I'm getting too worked up in all of this. And assuming that the final result are in before I fall asleep, I'm sure I'll have something to say here about it. If not, I'll have something to say in the morning.

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