Tuesday, December 18, 2007

common -- separated at birth

Steve Flaig, separated from his mother at an early age, has been searching for his mother for 22 years. She says that when she gave birth to him she wasn't ready to be a mother, so she had to give him up. Flaig who works at Lowes recently met a woman who was a cashier there. They had a casual friendship. When Steve turned 22 he viewed his birth paperwork and what not. He searched for the last name of his mother and found there was someone working at Lowes with that last name. The cashier. He was afraid to tell her that he was actually her son, afraid that she'd reject him.

One day the district attorney's office called Christine Talladay, the mother, and she thought that something bad had happened to her son. All the phone call was really about was to tell her that this entire time she had been working alongside her son. Come to find out, the two had probably seen each other more often than just at work, they both attend the same church.
Apparently this is more than people think. I remember hearing a story like this before about a woman and a daughter than worked together and were best friends. I must say it's quite odd, but touching.
And in other news, Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant at 16. I am disappointed. I really thought that she was the normal one out of the siblings, apparently I was a tad wrong. She always seemed like a good kid, a fairly normal kid. I enjoyed watching her show Zoey 101, but I don't think I'll be able to look at it the same way anymore.


Anonymous said...

hello! this is steve flaig. just an fyi we (chris and i) will be appearing on the Today Show later on this week!

Tanabe said...

Wow... that's really amazing. Talk about crazy coincidences. Reminds me about Pirates of the Caribbean: "The world's the same size... there's just less in it." Maybe Mr. Sparrow was a bit misinformed.

I heard that Jamie and her mom sold the story about her pregancy for a million dollars. That's just plain awful... I can't blame the father for being furious.