Sunday, December 2, 2007

indecent exposure -- fire chief

in·de·cent ex·po·sure [-sənt ik-ˈspō-zhər] - n

Revealing one's genitals under circumstances likely to offend others (nolo)

In Johnston City, NY Retired Assistant Fire Chief Kenneth Rowe decided to celebrate his retirement in an unthinkable way, by showing up at the station naked! All he wore was his fireman's hat and the other firefighters htought it fit to take pictures and send them to everyone they knew. Unfortunately one of the pictures got into the hands of the police and Rowe was arrested for indecent exposure. At least "he won't have to worry about losing his job...Rowe just retired after serving 20 years. " (eyewitness news)

I bet that's totally what you wanted to see!

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Tanabe said...

How... exciting. Sucks to be arrested on such a happy occasion =_=