Friday, December 7, 2007

stupid -- holiday safety reminder

I don't think that I need to define the word stupid.

In Conyers, CA the officers with the Conyers Police Department have thought of a new way to reduce holiday crime.

If the officers see that you have packages or merchandise visible in your car, they will place a yellow "ticket" on your window reminding you that there is a possibility that someone could steal that stuff. These tickets are seen as a reminder to hide your merchandise out of site.

all pictures courtesy of rockdale citizen

The police chief says,"Certainly our goal is to catch the thief; but if we can help create an environment which makes it more difficult for the thief to thrive, then that's a positive for our entire community."
They apparently do not realize that they are actually making thefts more likely to happen. Now, all potential thieves need to do is go thought the parking lot and look for the lovely yellow papers that you can now see to your left. So, thefts can get a lot more done in less time because they don't need to look into every car. Yellow is a quite noticeable color.
And this is all thanks to the Conyers Police Department!

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Tanabe said...


I think the cops have created a very new, very vivid, and very stupid definition for the word.