Friday, December 14, 2007

Dirty Secrets About Hotel Drinking Glasses...and my rant about Senator Clinton

In a report done by a local Atlanta news station, they found that the cups in the rooms were not being cleaned properly, or for that matter at all. In one case the cups were sprayed with a liquid that said 'do not drink' on the bottle and in another, the secret cameras found that the glasses were just rinsed and still had lipstick stains on there. Here's the video to watch their full report. I must say, it is quite interesting.

On another note, I just need to voice my opinions on Senator Clinton and her bashing Senator Obama. Let me say first though that I have no problem with the former President Bill Clinton, just his wife. Okay, she made a big deal about the fact that in the third grade he wrote a paper about wanting to be president. Clintion claims that that is a bad thing because he's been wanting to be president his entire life and that's the only reason he's running. Okay, Ms. Clinton maybe you didn't know this but probably half of the people alive have wanted to be president at one point or another in their life. Perhaps they don't all write about it, but just because one of them actually did and has a chance at becoming the next president of the United States, that's somehow a bad thing? Maybe ti's just me but I think that's pretty stupid.

And onto my next little thing. I forget what his name was, but one of the people with relation to Clinton, due to her campaign, thought it wise to bring up the use of Obama's 'drug use' as a teen. Maybe they didn't, but many teens experiment with things like drugs, and Obama didn't stick with it. He's not off on street corners stoned or even selling. He said that he couldn't inhale the smoke or something like that. To be honest, I think it's a good thing that he has informed us all of that. It backs up the statements and the polls that say he is the most honest candidate out there. Hillary Clinton on the other hand was not one of the trusted candidates.

Oh, and along the lines of the drug thing, who was the presidential candidate that proposed an idea to make a hippie museum in New York? Senator Clinton. I've got nothing against hippies, in fact I share a lot of things with them, tree-hugging, vegetarian, peace loving. Anyways, what did hippies spend a lot of their time doing? Pot. Now in my opinion, teaching the nations youth about people who many were drug addicts doesn't seem like the brightest idea in the world. I would think that it would give more people the idea to try drugs than not having a hippie museum. Oh by the way, her argument for having it was that it would show a big generation that brought a lot of change. I'll agree with that, but still.

Okay, I'm good now.

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Tanabe said...

That is... really disturbing. Ugh, I'll remember to check my glasses next time I ever go to a hotel.

Wow, I had no idea Hillary was using such... childish tactics against Obama. I think whenever you run for president, you've got to be prepared for the responsibility if you're doing it seriously. Saying he's not is pretty dumb.