Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hah -- CNN Dancing Cadet

Ok, so I had no real intention of writing anything newsworthy today since I figured I'd be spended the entire day packing. Well, perhaps I should have know that as always, my brother and I would start packing about an hour or 2 before we need to be at the airport. Since I don't have to be there till almost 10 tonight, I've got a while still to get ready. Anyways, I needed to get my daily news fix since that's been somewhat absent lately (I watched Prime News with Erica Hill on Monday but that's been about it). I was going through the CNN video's trying to find an old one that I really liked and I found this one about the Dancing Cadet. I remember my Dad showing me this video on some website -not youtube- a few years back, and I had totally forgot about it till now. This video isn't the original, obviously and you have to deal with CNN's Jeanne Moos, but I still think it's entertaining.

And maybe I did still keep from writing anything newsworthy.

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Tanabe said...

That really does raise my morale. Though you're right, it was rather annoying listening to that CNN newlady... It's amazing how internet celebrities are so predominant these days... Makes me wonder where it all started. Gary Brolsma??