Saturday, December 15, 2007

review -- i am legend

I am having a link problem lately, but thank you for informing me that the correct link for the site about Dr. David Cornbleet is Now I hope that I've finally got this right.

Today I went to the movies and saw I am Legend. Thus, I figure that I might as well write about it for anyone that may be interested in seeing it. I think the only reason I originally wanted to see it was because Will Smith acted in it and I thought the title was interesting. I knew nothing of what it was about other that he was supposedly alone, but not. I learned that it is based on Richard Matheson's 1954 Sci-Fi novel.

When the movie starts you learn that a scientist has created a cure for cancer. This by the way is in 2009. As the movie progresses you learn that the cure has morphed into something that is contaminating millions of people. An island of New York is evacuated, well the clean people are evacuated. Will Smith's character, Robert Neville stays on the island as part of his work, but somehow gets trapped there with his dog Sam. Three years go by and the viewer learns that he is not as alone as he seems.

I don't think I'd recommend this movie for people who are easily startled, although those times are somewhat predictable. But all in all the movie wasn't entirely predictable. It seemed quite serious, but did have funny moments. Robert has made some friends with the mannequins in the video store, one of whom he seems to be attracted to.

Unfortunately I came out of the theater with a lot of questions. The movie was only 100 minutes long and if you cut out the credits it was barely and hour and a half. Perhaps if it was longer more of those questions would have been answered, like "do the 'others' feel pain, since they bash their heads into the glass numerous times but are afraid of the sun?"

All in all I thought it was pretty good, I think I'd give it a little more that the 3 stars it got. I don't think the graphics were all that good (there was something that I think was a lion because the male had a mane, but the female looked like some strange cat-like thing), but it was entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat. It may be just me because I don't like scary movie, this movie wasn't scary but it was startling, but I'll probably be a bit hesitant to go into dark places for a bit, in fear that somethings going to try and kill me and give me some strange rabies like virus. But I did like that there was a quote from Bob Marley that I can't seem to find right now. He said it at a concert after being shot at a few days before. I has something to do with how the bad people never take a day off, so neither can he.

I think I'm going to go and watch a funny movie tonight, like Uncle Buck or something like that.

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Tanabe said...

Haha thanks for providing the link. I signed as petitioner #4171. I wonder if "petitioner" is a real word...

Anyway, I like the review you wrote. I was wondering if the movie was going to be a real horrorfest, which I might not want to deal with. But I'll probably see it, even though I will likely get startled easily.

I read the wiki article on that movie and the book, and I thought the theme of the movie was interesting. How he becomes the "legend" instead of the virus-infected.