Thursday, December 6, 2007

indecent exposure & a follow up

Another indecent exposure story, but this one has a funny side to it.

Garrett Lawson Lotane was charged with public indecency after exposing himself at a Target in the area surrounding the University of Georgia. He told police he committed "lewd acts because [he] felt a rush of adrenaline." The arresting officer wasn't sure if Lotane was really exposing himself because his shirt was long (or something) so when asked to see, Lotane lifted his shirt and his pants surely were unzipped. The comment about feeling a "rush of adrenaline" was recorded by Officer S. Wang.

Wow, and I just realized I have a friend named S. Wang...Sam.

Just to follow up on the story, Leeland Eisenberg, the man who took the hostages in Sen. Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire Campaign Office says that he wanted there to be a discussion in this country about mental illness. In an iterview with CNN National Correspondent, Jason Carroll, Eisenberg said that he let the hostages go because he couldn't bear to see the torment that was causing them. He later says, "I wanted to police to kill me...I was disappointed, I was stunned [that the police didn't shoot]."

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Tanabe said...

Wang. Oh my...

Ah I remember hearing about that hostage guy... What a weird way to go about all that. But I guess he had to to get a point across...?