Saturday, December 8, 2007

hero -- cnn heroes plus the zuiikin gals

Since this past Thursday I have had an idea on what to write about here. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to write very much. In any event, Thursday was the premiere of CNN Heroes. I hadn't really intended on watching it and I was In class for the first hour that it was on. When I finally got home, I started watching it only because Anderson Cooper was hosting, along with Christiane Amanpour.The people that were featured really are heroes in my mind for what they did and continue to do. But one stood out to me. It was the story of Wesley Autrey who rescued a man who was having a seizure and fell on the subway tracks.

Autrey and his two daughters were down at the subways on January 2, 2007 when film student, Cameron Hollopeter went into a seizure and fell onto the subway tracks. Autrey had time to think for a split second and said he thought, "what a better way to start the new year." He jumped down onto the tracks and tried to pull the man back up onto the platform, but he saw a train coming and he couldn't get Hollopeter up. Autrey then had he idea to push Hollopeter into the gutter, he lay on to of him and the subway train went over their heads. Autrey says of the train, "the thing just grazed my hat." Everyone started freaking out so Autrey yelled out for someone to watch his two daughters and that the two men were fine. In an interview later Autrey says, "I don't consider myself a hero, I just went to someone in need, someone who's in need of help." And at the Heroes Gala he said that his heroes were the women who watced his daughters. To watch the CNN interview, click here.

CNN Heroes is airing all weekend which makes me mad because Special Investigations Unit is supposed to be on and it's the Narco State one that I've been wanting to see for about a month now. Anyways, it's on all weekend so if you get a chance you should watch it.

And how since I loved that diarrhea video so very much here's more from the Zuiikin Gals who may have made it onto Anderson's Favorites like the Seaman Ship video. Apparently they cut this part out of the podcast and I can't get things from my TV onto the comp so I recorded it with my camera, so that why there's all the other stuff around the video, other stuff on the page I recorded it from. I don't think this is a good as the last video, but Anderson does the moves too at one point which makes it more entertaining. Enjoy!

The child in Anderson, oh how I love him. I must add thought that anyone doing the don't make fun of me dance needs to be made fun of. I will never look at these phrases the same way again.


Tanabe said...

Wow, I watched that interview and he really seems like an "everyday hero." I really appreciate knowing that there are people that brave and selfless in the world.

And the girls... yeah I definitely won't be able to look at any of those phrases in the same way either. Amazing what our people think up eh?

xjaja said...

HAHA omg! those aerobics.... xD