Thursday, December 20, 2007

mascot -- donkey

Lately I've been watching a lot of Cash Cab since I've got nothing else to do during the days without school. Today while I was watching I learned something that I found quite interesting. Apparently the donkey was tagged as the Democratic party's mascot after President Andrew Jackson was called a "jackass."

Perhaps I should go figure out where the elephant came from. I'm thinking of something of something, but It's slightly mean so it's probably best it stays in my head.

Oh and while this is slightly interesting, more gross, The Shot on Tuesday's 360° was about a Santa who was groped by a lady who sat on his lap. The Santa seemed to be traumatized and didn't want to speak on camera. The lady was charged with sexual assault or something like that. Randi Kaye made a nice comment after that on how with Santa, you're supposed to ask for what you want and not just do it. Poor guy.

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Tanabe said...

Haha, it always made me wonder why they made the president infamous for his bad temper a national icon by putting him on the twenty. I guess he was a war hero, and strangely popular to boot. Cash Cab is an awesome show, by the way!

Hm, and that is rather... odd. For one thing, why was a lady sitting on Santa's lap? I thought they only let kids do that. Well, I hope Santa's Christmas didn't go sour after that...