Tuesday, December 4, 2007

murder -- Dr. David Cornbleet

mur·der [ˈmər-dər] - n
the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought (m-w)

A doctor dead, and a confession from the murderer. So, why isn't this guy in jail and or is there an effort to get him there?

Hans Peterson had an acne problem years ago and went to dermatologist Dr. Davind Cornbleet. He was prescribed an acne medication that he later claimed after two doses made him impotent and psychotic. Seeing that most men take pride in their potency, Hans Peterson went back to Ilinios to give Dr. Davind Cornbleet a taste of his own medicine. He went up to Dr. Davind Cornbleet's office and ended up stabing him to death. But, he claims that's nothing since he had intended to cut off the guys hands and feet and use a blow torch to close the wounds.

Hans Peterson was born in the United States making him a U.S. citizen, but his mother was from France, so he qualified for dual citizenship. He applied and was granted that dual citizenship which he has now taken for granted.

After the murder Hans Peterson fled to a French territory where he then confessed to the murder of Dr. Davind Cornbleet. This was in October 2006. But even though he's confessed nothing has happened and the U.S. government doesn't seem to be doing anything. Actually the Government can't really do anything. Many want Hans Peterson extradited, but under a treaty, France refuses to do that to their own citizens.

It is possible for him to be tried in France but as CNN's Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin said in last Tuesday's Anderson Cooper 360° if he is tried in France the longest he'll be in prison is 20 years. In the United States however, Toobin says, "the least he would serve is 20 years and, of course, he could get up to the death penalty in Illinois." Unfortunately France rarely carries on cases like this that involve their own citizens commiting crimes in other countries.

If you want Hans Peterson extradited go to ExtraditeHansPeterson.com to send an e-mail to the State Department and demand to have Peterson returned. Senator Obama already did.


Tanabe said...

I had accidentally scrolled to the point just below the picture and started reading, and didn't think it was too bad until I read the top part. I find it amazing France won't send him back just for the reason of his insanity!

Your link doesn't seem to work, by the way.

Friends of Dr. David Cornbleet said...

Thank you for your support and spreading the word about the case. As the fight for extradition continues we have set up a new site dedicated to the fight for justice. Please visit www.drcornbleet.com, participate in our polls, read the messages and leave you comments. Thanks again FDDC